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The Poetry Salon’s Signature Books!
The Poetry Salon Best of Anthology Book

Open up a fantastic collection of poems and short stories from burgeoning and established writers of The Poetry Salon, Los Angeles. This anthology features a wide array of poems from some of L.A.s most exciting writers, including winners of Rattle’s Neil Postman Award for Metaphor, The Cincinnati Review’s Robert and Adele Schiff Poetry Contest, Beyond Baroque Poetry Contest, and several Pushcart Prize nominations.

Covering the spectrum of the poetic arts, they reach right to the modern edge of the form.These works are the product of six years of intensive, in-person and online classes, ecourses, readings and retreats at the Poetry Salon, a thriving community of artists supporting one another’s growth in a safe, nurturing environment. The Salon features ongoing online and one-day classes, two-years of original curriculum, lots of direct feedback and plenty of laughter and heart-centered sharing. We are proud to present this sterling collection of the work made by the dedicated writers who have put their trust in this organization.

The Poetry Salon Method and Mystery Book

In Method and Mystery Tresha Faye Haefner, M.A. Humanistic Psychology/Creativity Studies and founder of teaching institute The Poetry Salon explores the fascinating, unpredictable and enriching process of facilitating a poetry writing workshop. She offers clear insight into how teachers can create the ideal conditions for their students to access that most mysterious of realms, the place from which inspiration springs.

This book is for both independent and institutional writing teachers who want a new, research-based approach to take their students to deep places. Teachers will receive:

• Penetrating insights about their proper role in the creative process

• Guidelines for how to set ideal conditions for students to access authentic creativity, build confidence in their voice, and savor the profound thrill of making poetry

• Tried and true methods for helping students master essential techniques

• Practical, research-based tools for creating effective writing prompts that take writers to inspirational, unexpected places

• 60 ready-to-use writing prompts for all skill levels.

Contributors to Method and Mystery

Kim AddonizioSally AshtonFrancesca BellLin Nelson BenedekMichelle Bitting Elya BradenChanel BrennerAntoinette BrimAlessandra CastellanosAdrian Ernesto CepedaBrendan ConstantineKelly Cressio-MoellerJulia Kolchinsky DasbachAlicia ElkortMarcus Ellman, Debra Franco, Hannah GambleJennifer GivhanJeannine Hall GaileyTony GloegglerAmanda GormanKelly Grace ThomasJack GrapesSonia GreenfieldBonnie S. KaplanTobey KaplanTracey KnappTanya (Hyonhye) Ko HongJennie LinthorstSuzanne Lummis Sarah MaclayMarie-Elizabeth MaliDouglas ManuelMighty Mike McGeeLeslie Anne McilroyDanielle MitchellLinda Neal, Nancy K. PearsonDavid Perez, Alexis Rhone FancherMehnaz SahibzadaMaryrose Smyth, Michelle Suzanne SnyderNancy Lynée Woo


Books by Poetry Salon
Members and alumni!

Check out these books written by our past and present Salon membership!! We are always adding to this list, so please don’t hesitate to send us links if you feel the Salon has contributed to your work.

Tresha Faye Haefner

When the Moon Had Antlers – $20


Lin Nelson Benedek

I Was Going to be a Cowgirl – $17


Chanel Brenner

Smile, or Else – $17.95


Camari Carter

Death By Comb – $20


Kika Dorsey

Occupied: Vienna is a Broken Man and Daughter of Hunger – $16

Coming up for Air – $19

Rust – $19


Kelly Hanwright

The Locust Years – $12


Judith Remy Leder

Tiger Woman – Plurabelle Publishing – $9.64


Kim Malinowski

Home – Kelsay Books – $18.50


Elaine Mintzer

Natural Selections – $16


Nancy Murphy

The Space Carved by the Sharpness of your Absence – $12.00


Linda Neal 

Promopalooza – $7.11

Dodge & Burn – $15


Robbi Nester

Narrow Bridge – $14

Other-Wise – $17

A Likely Story – $15

Balance – $12

The Liberal Media Made me Do It! – $15

Four Books by Richard Nester (Robbi’s husband)


Jessica Purdy

Sleep in a Strange House, $10


Learning the Names, Chapbook, $14.49


Kim Rosen

Saved by a Poem: The Tranformative Power of Words – Hay House, Inc. – $20.99


Leonora Simonovis

Study of the Raft – $16.95 ($13.95 ebook)


Sherre Vernon

flame nebula, bright nova – $15   ($9.50 advanced order)


Lois York

Word Weaving – $26.20

Stitching Up The Blues – $22


Carolyn Ziel

As Simple as That – $12


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