Private Editing


Work with Tresha One-on-ONE!

What is your unique creative gift and how do you manifest it into the world? Would you like encouragement and support to achieve “writer’s mind”, be more prolific, while increasing your enjoyment of the creative process? In this one-on-one process, award-winning poet Tresha Faye Haefner combines her deep knowledge of poetry craft with her education in humanistic psychology and creativity studies, to access, understand, and amplify your potential, and help you live your most artistically fulfilling life.

  • Set personal and artistic goals and build accountability
  • Overcome blocks
  • Gain powerful writing and editing techniques
  • Find your most powerful voice

Everyone needs honest reflection, direction, and support in order to grow. In this coaching you will receive:

  • Weekly meetings (1 hour per week) on your schedule
  • Help setting artistic goals with weekly “homework” that moves you forward
  • Access to Poetry Salon core curriculum as well as inspirational prompts designed specifically for you
  • Unlimited support throughout the week via e-mail
  • Lots of personal growth, artistic stimulation, and fun!

Tuition: $110 per hour or eight sessions (one per week) for $720. RSVP to to begin!

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