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Hi All,

I’ve so enjoyed writing these weekly blogs about creativity, and hearing everyone’s heart-felt responses. Now I want to know more about what you think? Do you have questions about how creativity works? Do you have challenges in your own creative life that you would like some help with? (I can already see some of you raising your hands and waving.) What questions would you like answered? What issues would you like addressed?  Click on this link, and write your response, questions, concerns in the comments box, and I will seek to respond through blog posts in the upcoming months.
And if you want more support, community, and opportunities to learn new writing techniques this summer, sign up for some of our upcoming workshops, listed below.
Register here or email or ask any questions.
Thanks for being part of our growing community. Please forward this to your friends.
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Comments (5)

What do I need to think about to write a powerhouse last line of a poem?

What are some techniques to make the political poem more personal and powerful?

Can a person really make a full time living off of poetry? I mean, for real?

How do you balance structure and creativity when writing longer pieces or a book?

Hey Chanel, that’s a great question, but I want to make sure I understand it. Do you mean “How do you follow the rules of a book structure, but also break the rules effectively?” Could you elaborate on this please, so I can give you the best answer?

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